Greetings I'm Fluffyballmimi!
Your local York Chocolate Catgirl, Vtuber, Artist, and Live2d rigger!

Lolita fashion fanatic, Coffee connoisseur, and Beauty admirer~Professional Artist for 3 years
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Commission work for MDOTRAGE
Freya Amari's head artist
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Terms of Service


• By purchasing my services (art), you automatically agree to the following conditions.• Please read this entirely and carefully. I will refuse your commission if you do not agree to these terms.• If you are not comfortable with my Terms Of Service and/or are not willing to agree to the conditions, you may not request a commission.• You are NOT permitted to use the model for profiting from or advertising for any generative AI in any medium (including but not limited to: text, image, video, and audio). Please do not upload it to any AI sites as this could compromise my artwork.• You are NOT permitted to use the model for profiting from or advertising for blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and related future inventions•If you cancel your commission after starting, you may NOT save or use any of the sketches or WIP updates.•If any sketches from canceled commissions are given to other artists to finish, you will be blacklisted.•For Live2d, you are responsible for checking if your own systems are capable of running the rig and model.•Live2d model revisions within 1 week of receiving your model are free, however after the 1 week it will cost extra.•You are NOT permitted to re-sell any artwork or rigged models without my explicit permission• If you have any questions, please contact me


• I reserve the right to sign and/or watermark my own work.• You must credit me for any artwork you use.• You may not claim my artwork as your own, do not try to remove my signature.• I retain all copyright over my work, which includes the right to redistribute, reproduce, or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion unless otherwise agreed upon. In the case of a Public Commission, I may do whatever I wish with the art (eg. post it to other sites such as Twitter) but will give proper credit to you for ownership of the character’s design.• Commercial fees for Live2d rigs are included in the base price.• If you wish for your commission to be private, you must state it during the request. I will not share WIPs, stream, or show the final product of any private commissions.• In the case of a commission, I will not claim the rights to a character design unless it was one of my own designs. Therefore I will not reuse/resell the Artwork for personal or commercial projects unless agreed upon.


• By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist or Live2d rigger only.
• I reserve the right to post your finished artwork in my gallery for any reason.
• I reserve the right to decline any project or client for any reason.
• I reserve the right to refund you if I no longer wish to work on your project for any reason.
I do not do the following:
• R18 (Slightly suggestive is OK), mecha, elderly, bara, fetish art or anything that makes me uncomfortable.


• I can refund 100% of the payment only if I have not started working on the commission
• Once I start the sketch or rigging I can NOT refund 100% of the payment.
• If you cancel your commission, the amount I will refund you depends on how much progress was made.
• I can only refund around 80% if there are errors in PayPal fees, taxes and/or transfer fees.
• If I cancel a project, I will reimburse the lost fees and refund 100%.

Payment info

• I am not responsible for any mistakes that are made on your part over the course of the transaction.
• I will accept USD via Paypal as payment. You are responsible for making currency conversions.
• Live2d rigging commissions will be paid for by Paypal invoice only, with 50% upfront.
• For regular illustrations, it is expected that you pay 100% after the sketch is approved. No exceptions unless otherwise discussed.
• After 100% of the payment is sent, I will continue working on the artwork.
• I will initiate the transaction to avoid accidental transactions. Do not send me any kind of payment until I accept your commission AND have asked for payment.


• You are NOT authorized to issue a chargeback for any reason.
• If for any reason your PayPal account malfunctions or authorizes a refund request without your knowledge, you must contact me as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue.
• You are required to contact me when you need to cancel a commission request.
• Purposefully issuing a chargeback without contacting me to cancel/refund a project will result in immediate blacklisting for you as well as your email address, and anyone sharing your PayPal account, including side accounts.

Live2d Model Rigging

Full Body Rig: $800+
Half Body Rig: $650+
Chibi Rig: $300+
Pony Art + Rig: $600+
Neco-arc Art + Rig: $200+

Simple Animations$20
Alternate Hairstyle$60+
Alternate Outfit$100+
Simple TogglesFree
Detailed Expressions$10
Animal ears and Tail$20